Skinny bashing.

It’s true what they say:

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I believe that yes, everyone is beautiful no matter what they look like, be that small or big.
Yet it seems to me that lately being naturally skinny is a crime. Apparently anyone who resembles a “bag of bones” so-to-speak should be forced to eat a burger and undertake counselling for being ‘anorexic’. It couldn’t simply be that they have a fast metabolism or different genes, could it?

Throughout life I have often been stared at because of my weight. At some stages I couldn’t go a day without a negative comment being made about my size. In school when we had talks about eating disorders I was made to feel like people were looking at me, making the automatic assumption that I (and some of my peers) was the person these people were actually supposed to talk to.
Believe me, it’s a horrible feeling. And I’m not the only one made to feel embarrassed that I don’t weigh the same as every other person my age. If anyone actually knew me, they’d know that I cry when my brother eats the last kebab, and will stuff my face with pizza without shame. Burger or water? I’d take the burger please, with extra fries. Yet the rare times I drag myself off the couch to go for a walk with friends (which might I add that it’s still important to stay fit; I do it because its fun, not to lose weight) I get those ‘looks’ from people driving by and can only imagine what they are thinking (and before you ask, no it’s not because of what I’m wearing- apparently around here track pants are perfectly acceptable for walking attire thank you very much).

So why do people do it? Why is it so bad to be skinny now? I understand that people want to feel good about themselves in their own bodies and not made to feel they have to be size zero. But come on- surely we can do this without incriminating people for being skinny naturally? Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for what I have, truly I am, and I am not ashamed. But it’s when people who are on the smaller size get blamed (imagined or not) and talked about just to make others feel better that gets on my nerves. We’ve all seen those Facebook memes talking about a person not wanting to hug a bag of bones, etc.

The skinny- bashing has to stop. Now. It’s time people realise that everyone is beautiful no matter what size they are; an hourglass figure is no better than a pear shape or ‘stick figure’, and vise versa . Don’t assume you know what’s best for someone.

Milkshake lover.